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Four things to know about engineered hardwood flooring

Just like solid, these floors add warmth and charm to a home; increase property values and are easy to maintain.

Thickness matters

Top-tier engineered hardwood has a slice of genuine wood on top with at least three layers underneath composed of wood and resins.  Higher quality floors, however, will have even more layers.

This will affect the appearance, performance (including stability) and longevity of the floors.

The overall thickness should be around ⅝ to  ¾-inch.  Veneers vary greatly, but it has to be at least 2mm and can go as high as 6mm. Depending on thickness, you can sand up to four to six times.

The layers are fused in a crosswise position to give more stability and an increased ability to better handle water.

Where is the flooring manufactured?

This question is important to ask the retailer because it addresses indoor air quality.

Most manufacturers will follow the stringent requirements of CARB 2 and VOC (volatile organic compounds requirements), but the fact is we live in a global economy where some may be more concerned than others. 

There are professional organizations, such as the National Wood Flooring Association.  These organizations, which set industry standards, are located in both the U.S. and Europe.  Check to see if they are members in good standing of any of these.

Adhesives are used in the engineered version to bond the layers. Be sure it's free of formaldehyde and other toxins; strong and water-resistant

Will it look like solid wood?

Yes, because keep in mind that the top layer is composed of genuine wood, with all of the grain patterns and knots.  That is what gives the floor both beauty and charm.

No one will know whether it’s solid or engineered once it is installed.

Also remember that because it’s genuine wood, it’s just as susceptible to scratches and dents like solid, so exercise care.

How do I protect the floor from pet damage?

The same as you would with solid.  Keep nails trimmed and wipe accidents immediately.  You might also try a protective clear coating of a surface finish. Some are durable and resistant to liquids.

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