From Roof Repair to Quartz Countertops Baton Rouge Beware of Scams

It often seems as if those who would cheat others will never go away. This is especially true when it comes to home repair or home improvements. From roof repair to installing quartz countertops Baton Rouge residents have to be careful about who they buy from and who they hire to do work inside the home. A recent story only reminds us of how often these scams occur.
“For the second time in a little over three months, Baton Rouge contractor Tanweer Bhatti found himself in handcuffs facing charges of contractor fraud and theft of assets of aged persons. 

Police said he has allegedly swindled tens of thousands of dollars from older Baker homeowners, reportedly promising repairs but delivering poor, unfinished work.”

Source: <a href="">Baton Rouge contractor responds to fraud, theft charges after second arrest</a> by Elizabeth Vowell.
While it can be easy to get scammed, it can also be easy to get great products and service. For instance, when it comes to sales and installation of fantastic quartz countertops, Baton Rouge residents can always rely on Wholesale Flooring & Granite. This local company has been doing business in the area for a long time, and it has a reputation of outstanding service that is second to none. 

One of the most common scams that residents experience when it comes to countertops happens when people say that they know how to install quartz countertops but, in reality, do not. It takes a great deal of training and experience to properly install granite or quartz countertops in Baton Rouge homes and businesses. It is not as simple as many people believe it to be. When non-professionals are hired to install high-quality quartz countertops, the results are often disappointing, at best.

Professional installation is just one of the many reasons local homeowners and business owners come to this flooring and countertop store when they need high-quality installation of quartz countertops in Baton Rouge.

As law enforcement agencies continue to get con artists off the streets so consumers can avoid being cheated, those same consumers can help themselves by only working with local companies that are known and trusted. And for a known and trusted company that sells and installs quartz countertops, Baton Rouge works with Wholesale Flooring & Granite where superior products and service are the normal way of doing business.