Get Ready for the Holidays with New Engineered Hardwood Flooring!

With the holiday season right around the corner, new engineered hardwood flooring can make a dramatic change to your home. Just imagine having your family and friends over to your home and showing them the brand new flooring you had installed. They will be thrilled, and so will you! Best of all, if you shop with Wholesale Flooring & Granite in Baton Rouge, you can get some of the best flooring, at some of the best prices, in town.

We love telling our customers about our incredible selection of hardwood flooring. When you visit with us, you will find over 220 options ready for your selection. These are quality flooring systems from companies that people know and trust. For instance, you will find that we have flooring from Anderson Flooring, Mohawk, Bella Cera, Harris Wood, and more! When you purchase from these companies, you not only get the best quality, but you also get some of the strongest warranties available. 
But, what about variety of wood species? Well, when you visit our store you will find that we have great selections of hickory, oak, maple, tigerwood, ash, cherry, elm and hundreds more! It would be very hard for any of our customers to not find what they are looking for when they shop with us. Why settle for a wood species you do not really want, when we have virtually every type of wood you can imagine right here in our engineered hardwood flooring inventory?

You will also love our installation services. We can install your new flooring to very high standards, and we always stand 100% behind every install we do for our customers. Our professionals are very well trained, and highly reliable. They know what to do, and they can get their work done on time, without messing up your home. Great selection, low prices, and exceptional installation services; we have it all at Wholesale Flooring & Granite, located in Baton Rouge.

Why not visit our Baton Rouge showroom and see the many, many options we have in engineered hardwood flooring for you today?