Home Sales Returning to Normal After Flooding

It is no secret the recent flood did a lot of damage. Because of the sheer number of properties that were affected, home sales and closing took a hit, too. That should not surprise anyone. There is some good news coming out now, however, that will please many of those living in Baton Rouge. Here is a short portion of the story and a link to the remainder of it.
“The flooding that hit the Greater Baton Rouge market area in mid August continues to impact home sales in the Greater Baton Rouge area. But there are still plenty of homes that did not flood in our market and it’s important to keep sight of that as we move forward.   Closed Sales were down 1.6 percent to 882 in September 2016. That’s not enough to drag down 2016 totals though.”

Source: www.brproud.com
​Also detailed in the story was the increase in pending sales, which for September was up a whopping 46 percent. This is all good news for those who are looking to buy and for those looking to sell.

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