How About New Engineered Hardwood Flooring for the New Year?

Would you like to have brand new engineered hardwood flooring installed in your home for the New Year? If so, Wholesale Flooring and Granite invites you to visit our showroom in Baton Rouge, LA. For more than 16 years we have been providing the best in flooring to our local homeowners, and we believe that we have one of the very best selections of hardwood flooring in this entire area. But why should you buy engineered wood flooring?
Engineered hardwood flooring is real hardwood flooring

Some homeowners may think that engineered wood flooring is not really hardwood flooring. This not true. Yes, there are differences between solid wood flooring and engineered, but these differences are what makes engineered wood flooring better in many ways.

When you shop with us, you will find that we have many species of wood to choose from. The surfaces of our engineered hardwood flooring are made of these same woods. We have, for example, red oak, rustic pecan, birch, elm, cherry, and many, many more. The surfaces of our flooring systems are NOT images glued onto core materials. No. The surface is a veneer of the actual wood that you select. This means you are truly getting a hardwood floor that will last for years, and can even be refinished later on if needed.

Engineered hardwood flooring is moisture resistant

One of the many benefits that you get with engineered wood flooring is that it resists moisture and the problems that come from moisture. Solid hardwood flooring is not moisture resistant, and that means that it cannot be installed below grade, or in areas where moisture is present. Those who want to renovate rooms in the basement, for instance, will want to use engineered wood flooring if they want to avoid the big problems one gets with solid wood flooring installed below grade.

Engineered hardwood flooring is affordable

Lastly, when compared to solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring is much less expensive. In fact, we carry a large inventory of low-priced wood flooring that falls within the budget of most homeowners.

If you are thinking of new flooring for 2017, consider engineered hardwood flooring from Wholesale Flooring and Granite in Baton Rouge, LA.