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How to Care for Engineered Hardwood Flooring

So, you've gone out to buy engineered hardwood flooring, you've had it installed, and now you're freaking out because you want to make sure it continues looking as great as it does now, when it is all fresh and new. It's an understandable and common reaction that many people have to new floors.

Wholesale Flooring and Granite Knows that the struggle is real, and we want to help! So, we put together this easy guide to help you care for your engineered hardwood flooring so that it continues to look great for years to come!

Moisture is the Enemy!

The best way to mess up your new engineered hardwood flooring is to allow moisture to sit on it for too long. Any liquid spills must be cleaned up immediately to avoid the whole raft of problems that water causes to all types of wood flooring. Discoloration, shifting, mold, and warping, are just a few.

If your floors are installed in a room where you are likely to get a lot of contact with moisture, such as bathrooms or kitchens, you might consider putting down some area rugs with waterproof backing to help mitigate the presence of water. You'll also want to use a slightly damp microfiber cloth in place of a wet mop.

Avoid Gritty Debris

The second major contributor to the deterioration of your floors will be gritty dirt or sand which can erode your flooring over time, and small pebbles and other potentially sharp debris that can gouge your floors.

This means you need to frequently sweep or vacuum your floors to keep them free of these sorts of dangers. If you use a vacuum, be sure to disengage the beater brush. Your vacuum's beater brush can really do a number on your floors by eroding them rapidly if you forget to disengage it.

Keep the Outdoors Outside

Another great way to keep your floors looking great is to lay down some sturdy floor mats wherever there is a door that leads to the outside, and/or consider a no shoes policy for your home. This will help keep your family and friends from tracking in rain and dirt that can damage your engineered hardwood flooring if left unchecked.

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