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How to Keep Your Engineered Hardwood Flooring Looking Like New

So, you've just gotten your engineered hardwood flooring installed and it looks great. You've invested the time and money to purchase and install it, and now you want to know how to protect that investment for years to come. Wholesale Flooring and Granite in Baton Rouge has your back with our quick, easy guide to maintaining the luster, shine, and health of your engineered hardwood flooring.

Engineered hardwood flooring maintenance is pretty straightforward if you simply bear the three major causes of damage in mind. It' pretty much boils down to avoiding moisture, abrasion, and gouging. Here a few tips to avoid these floor killing factors:


This is easily the number one factor in the deterioration of engineered hardwood flooring. High humidity and standing water are pure murder on your hardwood floors. It causes the floors to buckle, warp, cup, and discolor. This is both a costly and ugly problem that is easily avoided with a bit of forethought and care.

Placing floor mats or throw rugs in places that are prone to moisture, such as in kitchens or laundry rooms is a great way to avoid the problem before it even begins. It is also recommended that you place them in high traffic areas leading to the outside to avoid tracking in any water. A "no shoes in the house" policy is also highly recommended for the same reason.

Always be sure to clean up any standing water as quickly as possible. When mopping, use a damp mop-head or micro fiber cloth. You may even consider running a dry towel over the floor when you are finished.


The second major factor in the deterioration in the quality of an engineered hardwood floor is abrasion. This occurs when sand and grit from the outside is tracked indoors and gets ground into the flooring through everyday foot traffic.

This problem is easily avoided by simply sweeping the floor daily with a soft bristle broom, or vacuuming. If you use a vacuum, be sure that the hardwood floor setting is turned on, because the beater brush for carpets is also harshly abrasive to your hardwood. A "no shoes in the house" policy also helps here.


Gouging occurs when the floor is impacted heavily by an object that is harder than the material of the floor, or by something hard and sharp. This problem is fairly simple to avoid.

Obviously, no cleats in the house. If you have large pets with sharp claws, such as large dogs, you may consider trimming their nails. When you move your furniture or anything heavy across the floor, be sure to lift it instead of dragging it.

If for some reason you are unable to lift furniture due to living alone, or a physical disability to do so, place soft stickers on the bottom of the feet of the furniture to allow you to slide it without gouging the floors. You can find these stickers, usually made with felt, in just about any hardware or big-box DIY stores. Just make sure to change them from time to time, as they can trap sand and dirt which will abrade your floor when sliding.

There you have it! Using this simple advice, you can keep your floors looking lustrous and new for many years to come. All it takes is a little patience, and a few preventative measures to keep your engineered hardwood flooring investment protected well into the future.