engineered hardwood flooring

If you’re considering engineered hardwood flooring…

There are extensive flooring options on today’s market and engineered hardwood flooring is just one of them. However, it could be the one that best suits the needs you have in your own home. It’s easy to scratch off the obvious materials that won’t work for you. For instance, solid wood isn’t going to work if your entire home is below grade. It’s important to have at least a mental checklist in place as you shop so you’ll recognize the pros and cons right away. And that’s easy to do with this material.

Engineered hardwood flooring is still considered a hardwood material, though it isn’t solid through and through. It consists of a top layer that is the actual wood species of your choosing. Beyond that, there are between 3 and 9 layers of engineered wood, of varying species, each running in a different direction to create stability. It won’t expand or contract nearly the way solid wood does, so your engineered hardwood flooring will work in more spaces.

It could be that the best option for you is engineered hardwood flooring in your Baton Rouge home. In addition to offering more placement options than solid wood, it’s also incredibly versatile, durable, and functional, no matter what your requirements. Depending on the thickness of your top layer, it can even be refinished at least once, giving it a longer lifespan than many other materials.

This material can make a wonderful addition to any decor, and it’s easy to keep clean too. That means if you’ve got pets or children in your home, you won’t have to take special measures to make sure your floors aren’t ruined by everyday wear. When you’re ready to buy engineered hardwood flooring, be sure come visit us.

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