Installation Facts About Engineered Hardwood Flooring

At Wholesale Flooring & Granite in Baton Rouge, LA, we carry nearly 300 different options in engineered hardwood flooring. With the flood last year causing so much damage to home and business flooring, with having such a large selection of engineered hardwood flooring, such low prices, etc, it is no wonder so many people come to us when they need new wood flooring. Our customers have the option of having our professionals install their flooring, or installing their own flooring. In either case, the method of installation is important, and we would like to share a few facts with you here about engineered hardwood flooring.

The first thing to know is that engineered hardwood flooring can be installed anywhere in the home or business, even below grade. We bring this up because this does not apply to solid wood flooring. Solid wood flooring should never be installed in any place that has a high moisture level, as the wood fibers will “suck” the moisture from the air or sub-floor and cause those fibers to swell. This can lead to big problems. Engineered hardwood flooring does not react that way in high-moisture areas.
Engineered hardwood flooring can be installed to the sub-floor in a variety of ways, including  glue down, staple down, floating, and nail down. If you look closely, you will see that this means that quality engineered hardwood flooring can be installed over any type of sub-floor (carpet excluded), even concrete. 

The majority of quality flooring systems come with installation instructions. These may seem rather complicated to some consumers, but they must be followed nonetheless if you want a professional-looking result, and you want to protect your new flooring warranty. Two issues to always get right during installation are (a) to determine if a noise/water barrier is needed, and (b) to get the “guide” lines laid out properly. There are, of course, other issues to be dealt with, and the written instructions will go into those.

If you are looking for high-quality engineered hardwood flooring, come visit with us at Wholesale Flooring & Granite in Baton Rouge, LA; we can show you our incredible selections of wood flooring, and answer any installation questions that you may have.