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Is engineered hardwood flooring a good option for my bathroom?

Engineered hardwood flooring offers a wealth of benefits you're sure to appreciate. Throughout your home, you'll see benefits that serve you well, day in and day out.

But are these materials a good choice for your bathroom? Here are some facts you can consider as you shop for this room.

Considerations for engineered hardwood use

Many homeowners are reluctant to use wood products in rooms highly prone to moisture. Solid hardwood would never be a good match for this room because water damage could ensue.

The good news is that engineered wood flooring is more protected from that damage. In addition, there is added moisture resistance and stability, making it perfect for your bathroom.

Think about these important facts

It's essential to care for your new floors in a way that keeps them in good shape. Ensure proper ventilation by running a fan when necessary.

Also, use area rugs in front of tubs, sinks, and toilets to absorb any spills. If spills make it onto your engineered flooring, take care of them immediately.

Ideas for added protection

Adding extra layers of oil-based finish can be perfect for engineered hardwood flooring to prevent water and humidity damage. And some homeowners fill cracks between boards with wood putty to prevent seepage.

Don't forget to ask about the need for a moisture barrier beneath these floors. If you have subfloor issues, it can also help with your floor's intended lifespan.

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