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Is it essential to use engineered hardwood flooring samples?

In short, the answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ Before you commit yourself to an online picture and buy engineered hardwood flooring, it is of utmost importance to view a sample in person. That’s because in the end, you simply won’t get the true color of engineered hardwood flooring on your computer screen – no matter how high-tech your screen is.
Species + varnish color = who knows?
Every species of wood reacts differently with various varnish colors. Truly, this is something we can’t quite anticipate. Certainly, we’ll have an idea of how this type of wood plus that color of varnish will end up looking, but as it is a natural material, you simply cannot rely on what you see on a PC screen. That’s why the key to getting exactly what you want from your engineered flooring in Baton Rouge is to go to a showroom.
Also, keep in mind that, even though all the boards are of the same species, no two boards will ever be alike. The grain patterns will all be different, of course, but there will also be very slight color variations. Again, that’s just nature!
The pros of getting samples
There are also other benefits from getting samples of your preferred flooring. Take it home and test it out!
•Place it in the room you are going to redo. How does it look in natural light? Or in the dark with light fixtures on?
•Is the surface texture what you imagine it to be?
•Does it match your décor, walls, and furniture?
•Will it transition well to the adjoining room?
•Did you choose a sample that’s thick or thin? Typically, the thicker, the better quality.
•Walk on it, drop your keys on it – see what that material is made of!
•Check out what happens to the varnish and color once you test it out. Does it wear out easily or fade?
•Did you get a sample with extra waterproofing? If so, see what happens when you drop a bit of water on it – or a lot.
Talk to the pros!
Getting a new flooring installation can be an overwhelming task. That’s why we’re here at Wholesale Flooring & Granite, ready to help answer all your questions. If you’re looking for samples, come to our showroom in Baton Rouge, LA where you’ll find hundreds of quality options.