KraftMaid to Last

​I went with a friend of mine to a home improvement super store to buy some cabinetry for his bathroom so he could finish his remodel. When we arrived, we followed the signs to the cabinet area and looked over the selection of cabinetry they had for sale. My friend found a set of cabinets in the right color, but the hardware didn’t match the other design elements in the room. We asked if they had the same cabinets with different hardware and we were told, that new cabinetry hardware must be bought separately and replaced by us. We felt like there was a better way to buy cabinetry, and there is.
KraftMaid cabinets are a semi-customizable cabinetry system. What that means is that the cabinet framework is generally the same, a solid I-beam construction framework, over which the customer can choose the preferred outer skin. They can choose from woods like birch, cherry, oak, or maple, and the type of finish they wish to have for the outer shell. They can select any finish including a high gloss piano finish, or keep it simple and elegant with a matte finish.

KraftMaid also allows the customer to choose the type of hardware they wish to have installed on their cabinetry. They can have a sleek modern design that is minimalist, or they can opt for a more ornate Victorian design to create an old world feel in their kitchen. With Kraftmaid cabinets the only real limit is the customer’s imagination. The cabinets can be intricate and ornate, or simple and modern.

Wholesale Flooring & Granite is proud to offer KraftMaid cabinets to our customers. Their 40 years of experience in making cabinets will bring a sense of true craftsmanship and quality to your home. We invite you to come to our Baton Rouge LA showroom and let our staff of professionals guide you through the cabinetry selection process. Our goal is to make your cabinetry all it can be, so that you leave a completely satisfied customer.