I moved into a new home recently and discovered that the cabinetry in the kitchen looked spacious, but was actually quite shallow. Moreover, the shelves weren’t very well placed. I have done my best to utilize the space that I have, but I wish that I could have designed my own cabinets to suit my needs, rather than having to deal with a cookie cutter system that isn’t designed to be adjusted. We all have that feeling every now and then. Fortunately, there is Wholesale Flooring & Granite and the line of KraftMaid cabinets we carry.
KraftMaid cabinets are a semi-customized cabinetry line. What they mean by semi customized is that the framework is made of the same materials each time, but the outer shell is made to order for the customer. The customer can choose from different wood types like hickory, oak, cherry, birch and maple. The finish is up to the consumer as well, ranging from a simple matte finish to high gloss. The doors are chosen from a hundreds of styles ranging from the simple to the ornate. Depending upon the customer’s personal taste, their cabinetry can be rustic or it can be intricate; it can be a rich dark hue for a classic look; or it can be a whimsical lighter shade for a modern playful feel.

KraftMaid cabinets, has over 40 years of experience making their product and can create anything using the combination of choices and styles in their catalog. The customer can even choose the hardware they use for the cabinets from hundreds of selections, and the I-beam construction makes for a sturdy framework over which the customer’s choices are placed to create the customer’s own cabinet, the customer’s way. The best way to get this done is by coming to our showroom to check out our selection. We continue to serve the residents of Baton Rouge, LA and the surrounding communities. 

Wholesale Flooring & Granite is proud to be able to bring such quality craftsmanship to your home. Come see us at our Baton Rouge, LA, showroom and let our staff of cabinet aficionados guide you through the selection process. We will make sure that you have the KraftMaid cabinets you need to make your kitchen all that you want it to be.