Baton Rouge city pickup of storm debris is scheduled to end next month. Common types of debris collected so far includes water damaged furniture, flooring, and ruined drywall. So, if anyone still has that type of debris to be removed, now is the time to get it onto the curb. After the deadline, residents will need to haul their debris to the landfill on their own. Here is the beginning of the story that has all the details:
“BATON ROUGE, La. — Baton Rouge’s city-parish government will end its debris removal work from the mid-August flooding next month. The city-parish says it has removed 1.8 million cubic yards of flood debris since Aug. 20. Crews are expected to finish debris removal operations on Feb. 7, the deadline to be eligible for FEMA reimbursement.”

​We all recall the massive damage that was done during the storm and flooding, with estimates now saying tens of thousands of homes and businesses were damaged just in our city

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