Let the Quartz Decide

Replacing the countertops in your home isn't something that you will need to do often, especially if you have a stone countertop to start with. In the event that you do have to replace the countertop, replacing it with stone can be quite expensive. Stone countertops are definitely beautiful, but they are quite rigid and can chip or crack and hold bacteria on their surfaces. They are durable and handle temperature extremes well; putting a hot pot or pan on the surface of a stone countertop won't cause it to become discolored.
Quartz countertops in Baton Rouge are a budget friendly solution. Quartz is an “engineered” stone, meaning that it is made up of quartz crystals held together with a resin. Pigments can be added to the resin to create various colors for the consumer to choose from. Quartz is more flexible than stone due to the resin construction, it is less apt to crack because of that flexibility, and is hypo allergenic because it is far less porous than stone.

Many customers have said that a quartz countertop has a better overall feel than stone. The rigidity that natural stone has can put some people off, and for them, the softer surface feel of quartz is preferred. Quartz doesn't handle extreme temperatures very well though; if the pot or pan is placed directly on the countertop, it can cause a discoloration of the countertop, so using any protective barrier is recommended.

Quartz countertops in Baton Rouge can be found at Wholesale Flooring & Granite. Our Baton Rouge showroom has the professional staff on hand to help you decide on your countertop, and the expert installers to place the quartz countertop in your Baton Rouge home. Our installers are versed in the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation and care of your countertop.

​They will make sure that they are installed properly and that you are educated in their proper maintenance and care so that you can enjoy them for years to come. When you are looking to replace your old countertop, Wholesale Flooring & Granite is your place to go.