​Sometimes it seems as though Louisiana cannot catch a break, and that appears to be case now as the state takes another credit rating downgrade. Much of this turmoil is being caused by the oil market, and some by factors that no one really understands. One thing our customers DO understand is that life goes on, and we make the most of it. This news on the credit rating downgrade came out in an article and read, in part:
“Louisiana has taken another financial hit, with a second national rating agency downgrading the state's credit rating. Treasurer John Kennedy said Fitch Ratings dropped the rating by one notch Tuesday. The decision comes only days before Louisiana planned a general obligation bond sale to refinance its debt. The borrowing could become more expensive with the rating downgrade. Ratings from the credit agencies help determine interest rates on borrowing.”

Source: <a href="http://www.lebanondailyrecord.com/article_79faef46-c6e8-5c40-a0f5-3d35783894a7.html">Louisiana gets hit with another credit rating downgrade</a> by Associated Press.
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