Maid to Order

I recently moved into a larger home with my two children, and as a parent I am required to have all possible contingencies covered for my children in case of emergencies, sleepovers, birthday parties and whatever spontaneous event they can come up with. This requires having ample cabinet space for storage. Unfortunately in my home that was not a possibility. The bottom line was, I had to buy new cabinets. 
Normally getting new cabinets wouldn’t be an issue, except for the fact that my new home had an oddly shaped kitchen area. The way the kitchen was designed didn’t take into account the possibility of placing the appliances anywhere but where they were, without remodeling the entire kitchen. I ventured into the home improvement super stores and found that their selection looked wonderful, and most of the design elements fit what I was looking for. However, I needed different hardware to match the rest of the cabinetry in the home. Unfortunately when I asked if the cabinets could have different hardware, I was told I would have to buy the new hardware and install it myself. There had to be a better way, and there was.

KraftMaid Cabinets are a semi customizable cabinetry line carried by Wholesale Flooring & Granite in Baton Rouge, LA. KraftMaid cabinets are set up on a pre-determined framework, and the customer can choose all of the design elements to create their own cabinetry for the room. Need to match hardware? KraftMaid cabinets can do that. Need a certain type of wood or a certain color? Kraftmaid cabinets can do that too. KraftMaid cabinets can be made to fit just about any design and dimensions of a room.

We have a showroom in Baton Rouge LA, where our staff of courteous professionals will help you through the process of choosing the cabinetry design that reflects your style and fits your budget. They will then order the cabinetry for you, and even provide expert installation service for you once the cabinets have been made. I love my KraftMaid cabinets, and I now have the space I need to accommodate my family’s needs.