Many Baton Rouge Homeowners Still Suffering from Flood Damage

It may or may not come as a surprise to some of our readers that many of those who live in Baton Rouge are still suffering from damages caused by the latest flooding episode to hit our area. While many homeowners and businesses have been able to repair or rebuild, many have not. We saw a story recently detailing the trials and tribulations of one family struggling even now, as they work toward getting their lives put back together again. What caught our eye on this story was that this family had flood insurance, and, yet, they are facing one hurdle after another. Here is the lead-in to this tale:
“It's been over 100 days since floodwaters rose up to the rooftops in parts of Baton Rouge, La. The so-called 1,000-year flood hit neighborhoods that had never seen such a disaster. But to some flood victims, it was all too familiar - those who moved to Baton Rouge from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina about a decade ago. In August, WWNO's Eve Troeh met a woman hit by Katrina and this summer's flood. They recently spoke again.”

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