When it comes to engineered hardwood flooring, homeowners and business owners in Baton Rouge have many different options. Some of these options are, simply, not as good as other options that are available. With so many residents now looking for replacement flooring due to the recent flooding, Wholesale Flooring & Granite wanted to take a moment to share some important information with you about engineered laminate flooring.

As just mentioned, not all brands of flooring are the same. There are plenty of companies out there, especially right now, who may be selling very cheap flooring to local residents in the hopes of making a fast buck. It should be noted that many of these inferior products will look just fine, even great, on the surface, but the important thing to keep in mind when thinking about any type of laminate flooring is its construction.
What you don't see that which can cause you problems later on. Inferior products are not made to the same high standards as products made by companies such as Mohawk or Quick Step (the brands that we carry). Cheap engineered hardwood flooring has a history of coming apart over time, and often, that time is not very long. The surface veneer frequently comes away from the backing, and this is all but impossible to repair with any level of success.

Another problem often seen in these cheap products is warping or curling at the edges. Some of that can be attributed to poor installation practices, but some of it is also due to low-quality materials used in manufacturing the backing.

We understand that many in Baton Rouge are trying to save as much money as they can, as they have many expenses to handle right now. For this reason, we are pricing all of our flooring systems as low as possible, and this includes our great lines of Mohawk and Quick Step engineered hardwood flooring.

Before you buy elsewhere, come visit our Baton Rouge showroom and see the many high-quality, affordable options we have for you in our engineered hardwood flooring lines.