So you live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and you are about to remodel your home; perhaps just a few rooms, or maybe just one.  An important part of that process will be choosing the new countertops to replace what currently exists. The preferred materials for doing so are marble, granite or concrete. But, there is a new material on the block, quartz. Even though quartz is relatively new, it has already found a loyal following. Quartz countertops in Baton Rouge homes are rapidly gaining popularity. Some of the reasons for the development of quartz in the marketplace include:
•    Quartz is stronger than granite. This makes it easier to work with.
•    Quartz’s strength makes it very durable.
•    Quartz’s surface isn’t porous; you don’t need to worry about bacteria or other germs growing on the surface. 
•    Quartz countertops aren’t easily stained, so spilling grape juice on them will clean up in a jiffy with a damp cloth.
•    Quartz colors stay consistent. What you see at the store, is what you see in your home.

All of these qualities have made quartz a premier choice for builders, specifiers, and homeowners everywhere. Quartz is a manufactured product (also called “Engineered Stone”), which means when it is manufactured , various  sizes and grades of quartz crystals are mixed with resin and pigment, at a ratio of 97% quartz crystals to 3% resin (yes, quartz is still a stone, but the resin makes it not as completely natural as granite). Quartz countertops are fabricated like granite countertops. They are first cut into slabs, and then the edges are profiled and polished. Homeowners in Baton Rouge may see that quartz countertops aren’t as hard as granite or concrete which gives a better feel to the product for some.  However, that is a judgement for you to determine on your own.

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