Order in the Quartz

Most people don’t think about the countertops in their home when they are getting ready to remodel, or upgrade a room. The floors, walls and ceilings are usually the area that gets the most focus. It’s not until they have finished the other projects that they realize that they have countertops that might not go so well with the other new design elements. It is usually at this point that they realize they are in the midst of a budgetary issue, and granite countertops will be too expensive to buy now, so they think they will have to wait. Good news. There is a less expensive alternative: Quartz countertops. Granite countertops can top out at about $175.00 per square foot, whereas quartz tops out at about $140.00 per square foot.
Quartz countertops for your Baton Rouge home are made of quartz and resin. Quartz is one of the strongest materials on earth, giving these countertops a durability that surpasses granite. The resin component of the quartz countertop in your Baton Rouge home, allows it to be more flexible than granite, which helps to prevent chipping and cracking.

Granite, being far more rigid, isn’t a wimp by any stretch of the imagination, but it can crack and chip if objects are dropped on its surface. Quartz countertops aren’t as heat resistant as their granite counterparts, so caution should be used when placing hot objects on the surface, as it can discolor the resin and leave a permanent blemish on the surface.
Quartz countertops offer a consistent product when it comes to color. Various pigments can be mixed with the resins to create a uniform product. So when you see it in the showroom, it will look the same when it is installed in your home. Granite doesn’t have that consistency, because it is a one of a kind material cut of stone from the earth itself.

The place to go for quartz countertops for your Baton Rouge home is Wholesale Flooring & Granite. Our showroom in Baton Rouge, LA has the friendly staff of professionals you need to help you choose the new countertops and finish your project.