At Wholesale Flooring & Granite, we have a great selection of engineered hardwood flooring for our customers. We are proud to be able to present such a wonderful selection of high-quality flooring, at affordable prices, to those who shop with us. In addition, we also offer expert installation services for any new flooring system bought from us. This includes our engineered hardwood flooring.

So, why is getting professional level installation so important when buying new flooring? All quality flooring manufacturers offer warranties with their new flooring systems. One of the most common requirements they insist upon, however, is that the system be installed according to their instructions. If the flooring is not installed properly, the consumer risks losing the warranty protection if anything should happen to flooring later on. This can be a very expensive mistake.
​This mistake often comes from relying on someone else to install your new flooring. Someone who says, or believes, they can install your flooring, saving you a few bucks, but does not truly know all that needs to done. When your flooring is not installed correctly, manufacturers often void their warranties. It is that simple.

This same rule applies to engineered hardwood flooring. When you purchase new wood flooring, it is essential that you consider hiring professionals to install the flooring, if you are not comfortable doing the install yourself. Our installers are all highly trained and experienced. They can install your new wood flooring to perfection, and do so following the manufacturer's instructions. This means that your warranty is never at risk due to installation problems.

It is true that engineered hardwood flooring is fairly easy to install if one has some experience in flooring. Some of our customers opt to install their own flooring, and that is fine, but we would caution them to always follow the manufacturer's instructions from start to finish.

If you live in, or near, Baton Rouge, LA, we invite you to visit our showroom and see the great selection of wood flooring we have for you. While you are here, we can talk about the benefits of our engineered hardwood flooring installation services, and answer any questions that you may have about your purchase or its installation.