Really?  Engineered hardwood that won’t break the flooring budget?

Really? Engineered hardwood that won’t break the flooring budget?

Yes, indeed! If you want luxury for your Baton Rouge home, there’s nothing like engineered hardwood flooring. It is real wood so you’ll get that same warmth and style; the construction is just different.
Fast becoming the wood-of-choice, the engineered version of this hardwood is a layered flooring product with real wood and different materials placed crosswise. This crisscross placement is what gives it more stability and water resistance than solid which, as you know, can be damaged by excess water.
At one time, people thought there was only one “true wood” but, more and more, people are coming to realize just how authentic this flooring really is, but there’s only one place here that you should buy your engineered hardwood, and that’s right here at this company.
A big reason to install this on your Southern flooring
Hardwood that is engineered will not expand and contract as solid will.
Louisiana experiences a lot of heat and humidity, and it is prone to tropical storms. As one resident says, “You never know what a storm will bring.” The weather would make solid swell and create cupping, when the inner part of the board sits on the outer edge of the plank, making it look like a cup; it can also cause crowning (the opposite of cupping), as well as buckling and warping.
This type of wood can be refinished. Depending upon the thickness of the product, it can be done one to three times. Care for it as you would any hardwood: Vacuum frequently, wipe spills as soon as possible, and damp mop with a manufacturer-approved detergent; remember that just because it handles water better than solid, you still need to be careful and not submerge it in liquid.
While it does have more installation versatility, it still should never be used in bathrooms, they are widely known as the “wettest room in the house.”
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