hardwood flooring installation

Shopping for Engineered Hardwood?

Whether you’re planning to buy solid or engineered hardwood, this is a flooring that will add elegance and value to your home for a long, long time, as long as they’re installed and maintained properly.

If you want wood floors and live In storm prone and humid Baton Rouge, your best bet is to go with engineered hardwood, not solid, because the construction of this flooring is stable, and doesn’t shrink or expand with the weather as solid does.

As the (true) cliché goes: You get what you pay for, so purchase yours at Wholesale Flooring & Granite, for the best inventory of engineered hardwood.

You should also:

Buying for quality, not price  We get it!  Any remodeling can be an expensive endeavor, but always look at the big picture; an inferior product can mean total replacement earlier than necessary. The best engineered hardwood is often around ⅜-inches thick; anything thinner, and it might not stand up as well to spills, and also keep in mind that the thickness of the flooring also determines how many times you can refinish.

  • Install properly.  Whether you buy engineered or solid hardwood, carpet, tile or any other flooring, each one requires different skills and tools. If you go with the least expensive installer, you just might also get the least experienced. It’s the same if you hire the wrong person; it might seem more convenient at the time to go with a general contractor, but you want a flooring expert, someone who has installed your type of flooring many times.
  • Remodel in the right order.  Ever hear the phrase, “design from the floor up?” That means the floor should be put down first, because it sets the tone. If you paint first, you’ll limit your choices, because the color and undertones could clash with the walls. If you install cabinets first, you’re really limiting yourself.  Cabinets set the height, and if you install them first, the floor you really want might not fit, .because they set the height; if you lay the floor later, you just might find they don’t fit.
  • Don’t try to DIY.  You’ll save yourself a lot of grief, time and money if it’s done right the first time. You could use the wrong tools, or not prepare the sub-floor properly and end up with an uneven, squeaky floor-- and so much more!

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