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Solid or Engineered Hardwood Flooring in My Kitchen?

Kitchens can be a little problematic if they are prone to leaks, and solid wood certainly has its challenges with water. Excess moisture can cause warping, buckling and cupping.
If you have one of those grand old Southern homes, the kitchen may also be prone to leaky pipes, and you may want to buy engineered hardwood to install on your kitchen floors.
This is the difference: Solid is solid all the way though. Engineered is certainly real wood, something diehard fans of hardwood need to know, but it has a layered construction, making it more stable and water-resistant than solid, causing it to be the perfect flooring for Baton Rouge homes.
Of course, it isn’t only for kitchens; it can be installed in a few more rooms where solid is never recommended.
Even Bathrooms?
If it’s a relatively low-traffic area like a powder room, it will be fine.
However, even the best engineered hardwood won’t be able to withstand busy and hot, steamy rooms; constantly running showers; wet towels left and even possibly overflowing bathtubs, so it might be best to stick with waterproof flooring if this scenario sounds familiar.
Wholesale Flooring & Granite answers some other frequently-asked questions:
1.Will it look cheap? Like anything, it depends upon the grade. While quality will vary, the best engineered hardwood will be thick, and the thicker the better.
So, buyers beware of those ultra-inexpensive, 2-for-1s that are sometimes advertised on television. It will just be paper-thin flooring that’ll show the nails when it’s refinished and sanded. If it’s thick enough, you might be able to sand it up to seven times in its lifetime, but that’s something you should discuss with your expert.
2.Will it add value to my home? Yes, because it is real wood, so much so that real estate sales associates can legally market it as such in their brochures and sales sheets.
3.Is it durable? Yes, and especially so if you select one of the hard species, as well as some South American or Indonesian exotics.
Do you have more questions or concerns? Come into the Wholesale Flooring & Granite showroom in Baton Rouge, LA, and we’ll be happy to assist you.