You have decided to remodel your home, and you will be replacing some countertops that have seen better days. There is nothing like natural stone for your countertops; the beauty of a product cut directly from the earth and placed in your home is hard to pass up. But there is good news, and bad news. The good news is that natural stone has the beauty you are looking for and adds a certain natural feel to your decor. The bad news is that the natural stone is often porous, and can be susceptible to stains; it can also be rigid and crack or chip when objects fall or are dropped on it.
Maybe you should look into quartz countertops. In Baton Rouge you should visit Wholesale Flooring & Granite. We have the expertise to help you make the right decisions pertaining to your project and we can answer the many questions you may have about quartz countertops for your Baton Rouge home.

All About Quartz

Quartz is what is known as an engineered stone. It is made up of stone, mixed with resins and pigments for a variety of colors. The resin component serves a couple of purposes. It allows for greater flexibility in the stone, thereby reducing chipping and cracking. It also seals the stone making it stain resistant. Quartz doesn't have as hard a feel as granite or other natural stones and to some that is a plus, because that rigidity can produce an unpleasant feeling. Quartz is not as resistant to heat as natural stone, so it would be prudent to be cautious when placing hot objects such as pots or pans directly upon the counter’s surface. Quartz has a more contemporary look, which some people prefer to the traditional look of stone.

If you are considering quartz countertop for your Baton Rouge Home, visit Wholesale Flooring & Granite at our Baton Rouge showroom. We will answer your questions, help you to understand the product choices, and make your project all it can be with customer satisfaction being our number 1 goal.