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The 411 on marble countertops

Homeowners often choose marble countertops for their kitchens, especially with formal decor. It's a stunning choice that brings elegance and sophistication day after day.

Many homeowners are unaware of the wide variety of color options available. It's an excellent choice for matching any decor, and you're sure to find the perfect look for your kitchen.

Flexibility and designer options

Marble is a flexible choice for intricate designs because it's not brittle. Creating curves and detail is much easier, so you can choose extensive details.

These countertops offer an impressive sight when matched with gold, brass, and chrome. They create a decor spotlight and complement a wide variety of decor.

Benefits abound in this product line

One of the things you'll love most about marble countertops is that it's heat resistant. Straight from the oven to the counter, this material makes it easy.

While these surfaces demand more upkeep, they are still some of the most durable. In addition, they resist scratching and cracking for impressive results.

Making the comparisons

As you shop for the perfect countertop, you can compare marble with other materials. For example, consider quartz countertops, as well as granite and quartzite.

You'll find the answers you need as you compare them with your requirements. And you're sure to find the counters you need.

Choose us for your countertops

Wholesale Flooring & Granite offers exceptional options for countertop materials. We have a fully-stocked inventory of materials and services to match them.

We serve residents from Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Ascension Parish, Baker, and surrounding areas. We're ready to work alongside you when you're ready to remodel.

Be sure to visit our showroom in Baton Rouge, LA, to find the best countertops for your home. We'll make sure you choose a perfect match for your every need, so stop by any time you're in the area.