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The Beauty and Versatility of Premium Engineered Hardwood Flooring

No doubt, if you're undergoing a renovation, you've probably been flipping through catalogs and digging through samples. But if you're looking for engineered hardwood flooring our Wholesale Flooring & Granite Baton Rouge, LA showrooms experts can help you cut through all the options available. There's no need to stress about surfacing materials, we've got you covered! Before you buy engineered hardwood flooring, check out our handy list of awesome advantages:

The Top Advantages of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Beauty and Aesthetics
Beauty and brains all in one sleek package? Well, that's one reason homeowners opt for this surfacing material, and it's truly a sight to behold. Since its top-most layer is actual wood, people have a hard time distinguishing between both types of floors. What else does this mean? Go on, get that sexy solid wood look you love, all without breaking the bank. Did someone say 'budget-friendly?' Yes, it was us!

Diversity of Color Schemes
No, you won't be stuck with all of 5 whole colors to choose from, rather, you'll have a veritable plethora of choice. Nowadays, with technological advances in the industry, this surfacing material comes in countless color combinations, patterns, and graining. Mention the word 'exotic,' and our showroom experts will have tons of hot picks to pilfer through.

High Water Resistance
As this surfacing material is more water resistant than many other renovation choices, it's no wonder people usually flock to this section of the showroom. What's so special about engineered hardwood flooring? Baton Rouge residents, you'll adore the fact that it won't contract or expand as much on contact with humidity, compared to its solid counterpart. That means, it's less likely to buckle, crack, or warp under wet conditions.

Easy Installation
Why would you decide upon floors that are a pain to maintain, notoriously tricky to install, and heavy on the wallet? Why, indeed, when you can have ease of installation, splendid good looks, and quick cleanability, not to mention a price tag that won't cause you heartache?