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The Three Best Rooms for Engineered Hardwood Flooring

People love the way that wood looks on their floors, full stop. Sadly, not every room in your home is suitable for hardwood flooring. Rooms that are below grade, or prone to having water splashed about, are hostile environments for solid hardwood flooring, because moisture causes it to warp, crack, and separate.

Luckily, engineered hardwood flooring looks exactly like traditional hardwood, because it is hardwood. Thanks to the fact that engineered hardwood is exactly that, engineered, it has a few tricks up its sleeve that make it more suitable to areas traditional hardwood would fear to tread. So, in which rooms should you consider engineered over traditional hardwood? Let's have a look!


While engineered flooring is more resistant to water than traditional hardwood, it is still wood. That means it probably shouldn't be employed in a bathroom that has a bath or shower, but it's perfect for bathrooms with just a sink and toilet. There is just enough risk of water damage in half-baths to make engineered hardwood a better option than solid hardwood, but not too much to make engineered a risky choice. It's a perfect sweet spot!


We've all walked into homes with wood floors in the mudroom or foyer, and we've all probably seen the disastrous results. As nice as a shiny wood floor looks as a first impression, a lot of water gets tracked into the house on a rainy day, and the first place it lands is by the door.

If you'd like the aesthetic effect of a lovely hardwood floor for your entryway, but don't want to risk the damage, engineered is the way to go!


Much the way half-baths hit that sweet spot of just moist enough to be scary for solid wood, and just dry enough for engineered, kitchens are a perfect place to lay down some engineered hardwood flooring. With a few strategically placed waterproof mats, there's no reason why you should have to worry about your engineered floors in the kitchen!

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