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Thinking Of Selling Your Home? Tips For Making It “Show-able”

Selling your home is a big, and emotional, decision. Chances are you have a lot of memories--kids growing up, family get-togethers, birthday and anniversary parties, visiting grandchildren and more.

Alas, it’s ready to leave the nest, possibly downsize and move on.

Here are some suggestions from Wholesale Flooring & Granite, the place to buy the best engineered hardwood flooring in Baton Rouge.

The first thing you need to know is that residential buyers just can’t envision new living spaces easily; they’re also a little jittery, especially if it’s a first-time buyer, so they’ll get uncomfortable easily. That means the only one who should be showing the property is the real estate broker; if the seller is around, they may “clam up.”

Also, you should:

1. Clean (which includes whitewashing walls), do any necessary repairs or remodeling to add value.

● In a real estate survey, it was found that buyers will often pay up to 10 percent more for a home with wood floors. If you decide to go that route, you might ,buy engineered hardwood flooring. While it is real wood (real estate professionals are legally allowed to advertise it as such in their marketing tools), engineered hardwood floors are the perfect answer to a place like hot, humid and storm-prone Baton Rouge, since these floors are more water resistant and stable than solid hardwood.

Solid hardwood also shrinks and expands to adjust to the climate; wouldn’t you hate it if your floors did that while you were trying to show the property??

Of course, you should buy the best engineered hardwood flooring available.

2. Don’t point out something that can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Don’t say things like “see that scratch in the engineered hardwood flooring--it’s no big deal and can be easily fixed.” Of course it’s true! It is no big deal, and it can be fixed easily--but do you really want to say that to someone who’s already a nervous wreck?

3. Price correctly. That’s the biggest mistake sellers make. Make sure your broker shows you comparable sale prices in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Then be sure to mention any work you’ve done to see what the added value is. If the asking price is far more than the numbers indicate, be sure to ask your broker how he or she came to that number. If it’s too high, the property won’t sell. If it’s too low, you’ll get a market correction, and there will most likely be multiple offers with bidding wars.

If you still have questions, come into the Wholesale Flooring & Granite showroom in Baton Rouge, LA.