Three things to know before installing new countertops

Three things to know before installing new countertops

As you plan to install new countertops, gaining knowledge about your specific situation and products that best fit your needs is vital. This knowledge shortens the shopping experience and gives you better results when the task is complete.

Not every material will serve everyone the same way, so be sure to consider your needs for your household. For example, here are three things you should know before installing a new countertop material.

1. Know how much weight your cabinet boxes will hold –
Not all boxes are created equally, so some can carry more weight than others. If you're choosing a heavy natural stone material for your kitchen countertops, we'll ensure these boxes will hold under the weight for years of satisfying results.

2. Know which colors, styles, and trends match your existing décor –
Stylish features, including color, pattern, and edge design, can affect your entire space and even increase your home's value. Consider all the options that blend well with what you already have in place or intend to add.

3. Know whether you want to seal and reseal the surfaces –
Sealing and resealing can affect your purchase plans, so find out the necessities surrounding the countertop you intend to buy. Some countertops require no sealing, making them more effective and affordable over time.

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