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Three tips to choose engineered hardwood flooring plank width

So, you’ve found your preferred color, style, and design, and now you’re ready to buy engineered hardwood flooring for your renovation project. But, have you thought about the impact of plank width for your dream makeover? Such an aspect does indeed impact a great deal of things, such as décor and visual impression. Let our Wholesale Flooring & Granite professionals guide you on this essential choice. When in doubt, you can always drop by our Baton Rouge, LA showroom to discuss your many options.

1 – Room size
Room size is a huge consideration when you’re trying to find the best engineered hardwood flooring for your space. At the very crux of the matter is the feel you’re trying to convey in that particular room. Do you want it to appear longer or look larger? Do you want to add an element of depth? For example, for depth we recommend narrow planks, while for a longer space you’ll want to work with wider slats. Another interesting design option is to work with a Herringbone style. This design visually creates an illusion of spaciousness when using engineered hardwood flooring in Baton Rouge. No matter the size of the planks, the Herringbone style gives a sense of length and width to any space.

2 – Plank quality
The higher the grade of slat, the better the quality, the more detailing is given to the slats. As such, you’re going to get planks that have much wood grain detailing, giving them a whole lot of character and charm. This pronounced appearance portrays more true aspects of wood planks, thus enhancing your overall room style. Having said that, it is the wider planks that will show off their design elements more, so keep this in mind.

3 – Style trends
Nowadays, the trend is super wide, over-sized boards. If you’re one to keep up with the current styles, then going wide may be appealing to you. Ultra wide planks also work well with styles that are more contemporary, such as industrial chic, or modern minimalist, adding a harmonious element. But, if you’re looking for something timeless and classic, then you’re better off going for narrow slats. Country décor or classic simplicity blend well with narrow planks, never going out of style as they’re technically not a trend, per say.