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Top 3 Renovation Advantages with Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Why should you buy engineered hardwood flooring for your future renovation? Well today, we're going to cover the top 3 advantages you get when opting for this modern surfacing material. Manufactured by bonding several layers of plywood together, and topping it with a superficial layer of genuine wood, this highly durable alternative provides an eye-catching selection for homeowners who are also looking for something budget-friendly. 

At Wholesale Flooring & Granite, you can stop by our Baton Rouge, LA showroom, to see if this beautiful, high-quality surfacing material is the ideal candidate for your new home redesign. But to give you a clearer idea of what it has to offer, we'd like to share with you why we believe your house should use the best engineered hardwood flooring on the market. 

#1. Aesthetics
Visually stunning with the same timeless charm as its solid counterpart, it's almost impossible to tell the two apart. That's because of its superficial layer that is, in fact, a long section of genuine wood. As such, it can take on any color, finish, and varnish you wish to achieve for your redo. In this end, this all boils down to getting the look you want, for a fraction of the price. 

#2. Greater Moisture Resistance
When you're in need of a surfacing material that can handle its fair share of moisture, there's no need to look any further than engineered hardwood flooring in Baton Rouge. Some types of materials don't stand up very well to water. Laminate's powder core, for instance, can distort, buckle, or warp with too much moisture or water, be it from the sub-floor, or excessive amounts of wet cleaning.

Similarly, solid planks contract and expand when faced with fluctuating moisture conditions. However, you won't have these issues with the best engineered hardwood flooring, as these slats don't contract or expand as much. Thus, it is less likely to buckle, crack, or warp.

# 3. Easier and Faster to Install
While it may take several weeks to install solid slats, thus resulting in the need for your family to temporarily move out, its' more modern counterpart is well known for being easier and faster to install. Instead of weeks, mere hours will be needed for that part of your renovation project. This also means fewer costs, since you'll be saving a whole lot of cash with the construction crew. Less work, less hassle, less expenses!