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Vents and Engineered Hardwood Flooring: Here's Why You Need Them!

Duct vents are a necessary accessory in homes to control hot air that rises. While this is very helpful to warm-up a house in colder months, the actual duct vent itself is quite the eye-sore. Luckily, vent registers are much more visually appealing, making it a perfect pairing with new engineered hardwood flooring. Available in varying styles and colors, you can turn a simple vent into a decor accessory to complement your surfacing. To gain a better understanding of these vents before you buy engineered hardwood flooring, Wholesale Flooring & Granite's Baton Rouge, LA showroom pros would like to clarify the basics of this vital little vent. 

Drop-In/ Surface Mount Vents
A great alternative for replacing your current duct vent is the drop-in vent, commonly known as surface mount vents. These are super simple to install and they don't require any cutting. All you have to do is size your current vents to purchase the correct surface mount, then drop them right into place. That's it! However, you will want to match them to your engineered hardwood flooring. Baton Rouge residents stain the vents the same shade as their surfacing for the appearance of a seamless transition.

Flush Mount Vents
Consider these when you're undergoing a high-end remodel. With these lovely beauties, you'll be guaranteed a stylish interior with a truly polished look. Whereas surface mounts need staining or painting, flush mounts come in a wide range of unique, eye-catching motifs. Typically, they're more expensive than the drop-in kind, but that's because they're one-of-a-kind decor elements that are sure to score you plenty of compliments when guests are over. 

Common Vent Sizes and Measuring Tips
• In residential homes, 4" x 12" and 2" x 12" are the most common vents sizes.
• Measure the interior of your ducts to calculate which new vent size to purchase.
• Homeowners who opt for the flush mount vents, need to take into account the thickness of their engineered hardwood flooring.
• During construction, ductwork often gets compressed, so ensure it is fully opened to take a proper measurement. Keep in mind that you're obtaining the size of the duct opening, not the size of the register.