Vinyl plank flooring in a Baton Rouge, LA bedroom

Vinyl plank flooring FAQs

Since luxury vinyl flooring is so popular, you can be sure that many homeowners have asked questions about the things that matter most to them when searching for the perfect vinyl plank flooring. We want to share some questions and answers with you today for your consideration, especially if you, too, are searching for the best flooring option.

Is vinyl plank flooring a good option for basements?

Yes, vinyl plank is an excellent choice for basements, especially if you choose products that offer a completely waterproof core, such as wood or stone plastic composite. It's also a great way to get the wood look you want in a below-grade space.

Could vinyl floors buckle or warp?

It is entirely possible for these floors to warp or buckle, especially if exposed to direct sunlight, high temperatures, or subfloor moisture issues. We can resolve all these issues before they ever have a chance to cause problems, and if you are already experiencing this issue, contact us for help.

Do you have to acclimate luxury vinyl planks?

Yes, these floors should be acclimated in much the same way that natural wood floors are acclimated. This helps avoid shrinkage, gapping, and other deformities due to skipping the acclimation process.

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