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What are my installation options for vinyl plank flooring?

Vinyl plank flooring
isn't only an outstanding floor covering for every room in your home. It's also a fantastic choice for a quick and easy installation so that you can walk on your floors sooner.

How are these floors installed? Again, there are various choices, and you'll want to know more about them as you shop for the perfect materials.

Glue down installation

Using glue to install LVP flooring is common, especially in high-traffic areas. Gluing the products down is a great way to limit the movement of the flooring once it's in place.

When you choose this installation method, we'll discuss all the steps. So, you'll know what to expect before the service begins.

Floating floor installation

To "float" a floor, the pieces click together and lock into place. Then, materials are attached around the perimeter of the materials to ensure an anchor.

Floating floors offer the fastest installation and ease of repair and removal. Consider this option as you browse possible vinyl plank flooring products.

Loose-lay vinyl

Loose-lay materials do not need adhesives of any kind, nor do they fit together. Instead, these pieces lay in place and work with weight and gravity to ensure proper placement.

These pieces do not shift and offer an excellent waterproof surface. You'll learn more about these materials by speaking with an associate while here.

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