Durable countertops in a Baton Rouge, LA home from Wholesale Flooring & Granite

What countertops are the most durable?

Choosing kitchen countertops is often determined by a desire for the most impressive visuals in the industry, but that isn't the only thing that matters to homeowners, as you know. It's also essential to find out which countertops are the most durable and how they can work for you, so read along for more information on that topic in today's post.

Consider quartz, marble, and granite countertops

The material you choose for your countertops caters to your requirements for their durability, so it's worth taking a few extra minutes to find out more about each one. Then, consider these facts as you find materials for your own home and use.

  • Granite countertops – Perfect for scratch, stain, heat, moisture, and chip resistance, providing unique pieces at an affordable price range at any budget level.
  • Quartz countertops – Quartz offers surfaces that are entirely nonporous and require no sealing. As a result, they are highly durable while also requiring very little maintenance.
  • Quartzite countertops – This fabulous material resists UV radiation, and the colors will never change. They are stain, fire, and heat resistant and make a perfect addition to your busy kitchen.
  • Marble countertops – Marble resists cracks, chips, scratches, and breakage while maintaining a softness that makes fabrication easier than other countertop materials.

Kitchen countertops should last a while

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