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What dog owners should know before getting engineered hardwood flooring

No doubt, you want to keep your engineered hardwood flooring in Baton Rouge looking its finest for decades to come. However, choosing which is the best engineered hardwood flooring gets a bit more complicated when you are a dog owner. Sure, you adore Fido, but you may be more than just a little disappointed when his claws scratch, gouge, and damage your lovely new installation. So, before you go out and buy engineered hardwood flooring, consider the following few things.
Go for matte finish instead of glossy
The glossier the finish, the more likely you’ll easily see every scratch and dent in your planks. That’s because, with glossier finishes, the shiny surface reflects the light and emphasizes imperfections. As a dog owner, it’s always best to choose matte or low-shine options so you won’t have this issue.
Regular paw and floor cleaning can minimize scratches
Minimize the chance of scratches on your slats by cleaning your pet’s paws after their walks. Also, combined with regular floor cleaning, this lessens the likelihood that bits of dirt and tiny rocks get embedded into your slats.
Choose your supplier well
How do you end up with the nest engineered hardwood flooring? Honestly, it often all comes down to your supplier. Research the experts in your area. Call them up and ask questions. The true professionals will never push products on you, will answer all your answers thoroughly and patiently, and are clearly experienced. They’ll also know exactly what planks would be best in a home with pets.
Save your slats with rugs and mats
Rugs and mats add a protective layer to your floors, especially in areas that see a lot of foot traffic, such as the entryways and halls. If you’re truly worried about your planks, you can also add runners and area carpets for ultimate security. Certainly, this will keep your home looking perfect!
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