Beautiful engineered hardwood flooring in a Baton Rouge, LA home

What is engineered hardwood?

The wood flooring line is extremely popular with many homeowners around the country. However, there are often questions in abundance when it comes to engineered hardwood. What is it? Is it comparable to solid wood flooring? Do I get the same options in this line as I do in others?

With so many questions surrounding this material line, we thought it necessary to address this material and tell you a bit more about it. This is an excellent opportunity to find out if it will meet your flooring requirements. So for more information, read on.

Engineered hardwood is a great option

Engineered hardwood offers a great construction, with a solid wood veneer on top of layers of wood lies. Strong and stable, you’ll find they are a great addition to any space where a trustworthy material is required. What’s more, this hardwood flooring does not react to moisture, dampness, humidity, or temperature changes, so it’s even a good option for basements or other below-grade installations.

The wood veneer gives you the option to choose your desired species, stain color, and finish type, just like you would select in solid hardwood. This helps you to personalize your floors, precisely the way you want them. For stain colors, you’ll have more options if you choose unfinished materials, as prefinished selections have fewer colors available.

You can even refinish your engineered hardwood, just like you can with solid wood floors. The number of times you can refinish them depends on the thickness of the veneer. As you might expect, the thicker the veneer, the more times you can refinish the flooring.

Find the perfect engineered hardwood for your Baton Rouge home

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