Beautiful hardwood flooring in an open Baton Rouge, LA living space

What is the difference between solid and engineered hardwood?

Both types of hardwood flooring are genuine wood. Engineered has a distinct construction, giving it a behavior that appeals to those who want both beauty and practicality.

What is it?

Rather than one slab through the plank, which makes the fibers run parallel to each other, this flooring is layered in a crosswise position.

Engineered has a slab of high quality, genuine wood at the top. This is often called the veneer layer, and it is what gives this hardwood the beautiful knots, raised grains, swirls, and undertones that we always expect to see in wood floors. This wood comes in a wide assortment of species and surface effects, such as had scraped or weathered.

Ask your retailer to show you the various samples.

Underneath are at least three or more layers of authentic timber, combined with a little resin, and then positioned to give it more stability and an increased ability to handle water. As a result, it has a little more flexibility in installation options; although it should not be submerged in water, it is fine for the half bath and powder room (but, like solid, not the full bathroom where there are soggy towels, drips, and steamy showers).

Engineered adds the same value to your property as any hardwood, and the floors can be refinished. Thickness does matter here, and the best ones have an overall thickness of ⅝ to the standard ¾-inch. Sometimes there are as many as seven layers.

Installation is easier than solid wood because there are simply more choices, including glue-down, fold-and-lock, stapling, or nailing. It can also “float” over some existing subfloors, such as concrete.

What does “more stability” really mean?

Solid wood is porous, absorbs moisture, and moves around to adjust to the weather. It expands when the weather is humid, which Louisiana often is. Alternatively, it shrinks when it’s colder.

When it expands, the hardwood boards have no room, so they cup, crown, split or buckle. When it’s engineered, the flooring does not move.

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