Beautiful hardwood floors in a Baton Rouge, LA master bedroom

What to know about engineered hardwood

A lot of people ask us this question: What is better, solid or engineered wood floors? They are both great choices but engineered often appeals to people who not only want beauty but also have a practical side.

That is making it take a major share of the wood flooring industry.

Both are hardwood but with different construction

Both have a similar appearance, but the construction is different, making engineered more stable and better able to handle water.

Unlike solid, which is one slab of wood throughout the plank thickness, engineered is layered.

There's a slice of genuine wood at the top which gives it beauty, undertones, knots, and grains. Underneath are at least three (preferably more) layers of authentic timber combined with a little resin and then positioned in a crosswise manner.

Engineered hardwood flooring has a much higher warp resistance and, as a result, can be installed in some higher-than-normal moisture spaces where solid is not recommended. There's also no expansion or any kind of movement to adjust to the weather, so no need for acclimation.

While there's an almost unlimited number of species from which to choose, the popular ones include hickory, maple, and oak.

While it can be refinished, the number of times depends upon the thickness. It should never be less than ⅜-inch, but you can get them more or less thick; thicker is better. Plank width is 2-¼ to seven inches and plank length is 12 to 60 inches.

A good quality floor can last 25-30 years and be refinished anywhere from one to four times. This is also somewhat less expensive than solid.

Let us install your engineered hardwood in Baton Rouge

While solid hardwood is installed where each board is separately nailed to the floor, requiring some skill, this has more options: nailed or glued-down, as well as a click-and-lock/floating floor installation that is much easier for do-it-yourselfers to install.

A floating installation means that the pieces click together like a puzzle, forming a mat that is not attached to the subfloor.

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