engineered hardwood flooring

What to know about engineered hardwood flooring

At Wholesale Flooring and Granite, we hear a lot of questions about flooring from our Baton Rouge neighbors, but there’s always one on which we can count: “Is engineered hardwood real wood?”
The answer is “yes”, and so much so that, just like solid hardwood flooring, the engineered version will add value to your home. Just like solid, it’s available in several textures, including distressed and wire-brushed, as well as gloss, semi-gloss and matte finishes.
Hardwood veneer makes the engineered version look as gorgeous as any hardwood floor.
It’s less expensive than the solid version, but adds as much elegance, style and value to your home as solid. It’s available in many of the most popular species and colors, such as hickory, maple or oak engineered hardwood.
Wouldn’t you love that flooring in your house?
What exactly is it?
This is a layered product, hardwood and various materials, with each sheet being placed in a different direction. While solid fibers run parallel to each other, the crossing action of the engineered product gives it more stability and water-resistance.
It can, therefore, be placed in areas where solid cannot, such as below-grade levels like the basement. Just be sure concrete and all sub-floors are completely dry, and that there are no other moisture issues.
Typically, it’s about ⅜ to ¾ -inch thick. Since the thickness determines how often the floor can be refinished, that should be an important consideration.
Please don’t fall for those rock-bottom, bargain-basement prices; quality will suffer someplace and that will probably be in the thickness. So when you buy engineered hardwood, be sure the flooring comes from a trusted source. Talk to others, get referrals, look at other floors, and make sure the installation pros are highly experienced.
How long will the floor last?
That’s another question we hear a lot. It is highly durable, stable and moisture-resistant, and longevity is decided by three things: Veneer thickness and, just like solid, quality and how well you care for the flooring.
Still have questions and concerns? Feel free to come into the Wholesale Flooring and Granite showroom in Baton Rouge, LA, and let our experts talk to you.