hardwood flooring

What Type of Hardwood Flooring Fits Your Needs?

Homeowners often think first about solid hardwood when wood flooring is mentioned. But did you know that’s not your only choice? While it is certainly one of the most popular, you have other options available to you that might be a better fit for your needs and preferences. For example, solid wood can never be installed below grade, in areas such as basement rooms. That’s where a wonderful counterpart comes into play that’s known as engineered hardwood flooring. It truly is real wood flooring, but with far more benefits than the solid variety.

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When Nothing but Wood Floors Will Do

When you have your heart set on hardwood floors, but have reasons why it isn’t a feasible choice at the moment, you might find it hard to move on to something else. The good news is, you don’t have to. Engineered hardwood flooring has many benefits that make it a suitable alternative for solid wood, and we’re so happy to be able to tell you about that.

First of all, engineered hardwood flooring is truly real wood. This product is manufactured with a backing material, a veneer of solid wood, and is topped off with a protective layer that makes it incredibly durable. You can still choose your favorite species type, stain color and the perfect finish for your floors, because you’re still dealing with real wood.

Second, when you buy engineered hardwood flooring, you can have it installed in places solid wood would never work. It’s a perfect addition not only for basements, but kitchens and bathrooms as well. The reason for this is that it doesn’t react to such things as temperature changes, moisture and humidity, the same way solid wood does. It’s definitely worth looking into, as this might be the perfect engineered hardwood flooring for your Baton Rouge home.