Granite countertops in a Baton Rouge, LA home

What types of countertops are trending today?

Kitchen countertops are an essential part of the room. They set the tone, seeming to have a personality all their own whether it’s loud and bold or quiet and serene. They can even become a stunning focal point when
coordinated with a backsplash, but what’s in style today?

Quartz vs quartzite countertops

Sometimes Mother Nature needs a little help to answer modern-day needs. That said, quartz countertops are often quartzite, a mixture of 90% quart and 10% resins.

The manufacturing process makes it more durable, stain-resistant, and non-porous than some other stones. Non-porosity means no sealing is necessary and it’s also quite hygienic because there’s no place for bacteria to hide.

From a design point of view, quartzite provides many more colors and patterns from which to choose, as well as additional edging possibilities; typically, most natural stone is held in place by screws; quartzite can be held in place with glue and epoxy.

Shining speckles in natural stone

Stone countertops with veining are a big trend on the market. These countertops can truly bring a dazzling look to your space with a distinct character that you won’t get with plain countertops. Granite, which has risen in popularity during the 1990s, is hard, stain-resistant and, when sealed properly, is non-porous. It also won’t melt or blister when exposed to heat.

Marble evokes an air of elegance and luxury and marble countertops are durable, have distinctive veining, and is heat resistant. There’s a wide range of colors found in marble, determined by the proportional mix of minerals. Ask your stone expert about sealing requirements.

Neutral color palettes: never out of style but now more popular than ever

Remember when it was about bold and vibrant colors? Now the trend is toward the more neutral shades like tan, cream, and off-white. That could be in response to the trend toward the rustic/organic look. Not to worry if you have vibrant countertops. You can soften them without repainting and just by adding some natural-tones accessories or adjusting the lighting.

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