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When do I buy engineered over solid hardwood flooring?

Nothing adds so much warmth and richness to a home as wood flooring, but you need to know that there are two types, and one of them is engineered hardwood.

Both are 100% real hardwood flooring. When engineered, the construction becomes different, appealing to Baton Rouge homeowners--or anyone with a practical bent.

The difference in the construction

Solid is a wood slab entirely through the plank. That means the fibers run only in one direction, parallel to each other. This wood can be damaged by excess water and must be acclimated before installation because it shrinks and expands to adjust to the weather.

This type has a top layer that’s one slab, sometimes called the veneer layer, but underneath are at least three layers, each positioned in a crisscross manner, of solid wood plus some other materials.

The result is more stability. It is also better able to handle water.

The overall thickness of engineered flooring runs ⅝ to ½ -inch thick; the best hardwood would be thicker, especially since it affects the number of times it can be refinished.
Specific reasons to select this product
●Eliminates expansion and contraction: It won’t buckle or gap when the weather or humidity changes. Louisiana can be prone to tropical-like storms and high humidity. While the homes don’t usually have basements, you could use it in that space if one existed.
●Enhanced strength: Both types of hardwood are highly durable but, because of the construction differences, engineered has better stability. That makes it less prone to buckling and other wear and tear damage.
●Price: This version is less expensive than solid.
●Increases home value: It is real wood so real estate sales associates are LEGALLY allowed to advertise it as such in their marketing materials.
●Better moisture resistance. It’s less likely to warp when exposed to moisture. While it shouldn’t be installed in full bathrooms, often referred to as the wettest room in the house, it’s fine in a half-bath.

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