Wholesale Flooring & Granite's engineered hardwood flooring care guide

Wholesale Flooring & Granite's engineered hardwood flooring care guide

Now that the summer remodeling season is in full stride, we are starting to notice that a lot of our customers are opting for engineered hardwood flooring. Many of these customers have been asking how they should care for their floors, to keep them looking good for as long as possible.

Whether you have recently bought new engineered hardwood flooring for your home, or you're just wondering what to expect if you decide to go that way, this quick guide on how to care for your new floors, should answer any questions you might have. Let's take a look!

Watch the water!
Water is easily the biggest threat your engineered hardwood flooring could face. This material is made almost entirely of wood, and wood products. this means it is also susceptible to all of the same risks as solid hardwood flooring.

Make sure to immediately clean up any wet spills, and avoid installing wood flooring in areas where excess moisture could be a concern. When you mop, be sure to use a well-wrung mop for the job, or consider getting a microfiber mop to seriously cut down on the moisture. Otherwise, you run the risk of your floorboards warping, cupping, or even cracking!

Sweep it up!
Gritty dirt can build up on your floors if you don't sweep regularly. This gritty dirt works in tandem with foot traffic to erode the finish of your floors prematurely, if not attended to properly. Basically, just be sure to sweep your floor once a day. If you decide to use a vacuum, be sure the beater brush for carpets is disengaged, or you could do more damage in a minute than a lifetime of gritty erosion!

An ounce of prevention
The best way to make sure your floors withstand the test of time, is to be sure they are properly installed in the first place! Wholesale Flooring & Granite offers more than high-quality flooring at unbeatable prices, we also provide top-notch installation services!

If you would like to arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate, we'd love to help! Simply contact our Baton Rouge showroom to get started!