Why are KraftMaid Cabinets so Affordable?

Wholesale Flooring & Granite is often asked why KraftMaid cabinets are so affordable. There must be reasons why this particular company is able to provide high-quality cabinets are such low prices. To answer this question, let's take a look at cabinetry in general.
To begin with, when homeowners or business owners decide to have new cabinetry installed, they have to first decide which type of cabinets to buy. There are three general options:
  • Custom Built Cabinetry
  • Semi-Custom Cabinetry
  • Stock or Production Cabinetry

Custom built cabinetry can be found just about anywhere in the US. The level of quality will depend upon the experience and expertise of the cabinetmaker, and this means it can vary a great deal. These cabinets can be truly customized to meet a variety of needs, but they also cost much more than the next two types of cabinets, and delivery can take as long as 10 weeks or more.

Semi-custom cabinetry offers far more flexibility than custom cabinets. These systems are composed of both stock parts and custom parts. They are often able to be delivered much faster than custom systems, and they can be designed using a large variety of door styles, finishes, hardware, and accessories. It should be noted, however, that the quality level of these systems will depend on the company building them. 

This is the type of system that KraftMaid cabinets can provide. They have over 40 years of service as cabinetmakers, and this shows in the high-quality work they do. They offer more than 65 different finish options, and have more than 100 door styles to choose from. 

Production line cabinetry is the last type of cabinet system you have available. You can find them on the floors of home improvement stores or big-box department stores. The major drawbacks to these systems are that they are “cookie-cutter” systems; are very limited in styles, hardware, and accessories; and are often made from low-quality materials that will not last. 

As you can see, KraftMaid cabinets offer the best in value, quality, and style selection. These are the reasons that Wholesale Flooring & Granite in Baton Rouge carries this line of cabinets. If you would like to learn more about KraftMaid cabinets, come by and see us today.