There are many benefits to engineered hardwood flooring that Baton Rouge homeowners and business owners are learning about these days. At Wholesale Flooring & Granite, we carry  great lines of hardwood flooring, and we would like to share with you some of the many reasons why so many people are turning to engineered wood flooring today.

Let's begin with selection. While it is true that you can find a great many species of wood in the solid hardwood flooring lines, you will find a great many more in the engineered line. In fact, when you shop for engineered hardwood flooring, you will be hard pressed not to find the species that you want. This includes the exotic species such as bamboo and Tigerwood that have become so popular across America. Of course, you can also find traditional species such as oak, walnut, and hickory. The simple fact is that when you shop for engineered hardwood flooring, you have a great selection available to you.
The next reason why so many people are turning to engineered hardwood flooring is cost. For a lot less than what you would pay for solid wood flooring, you can have some the best in engineered hardwood flooring on the market today. Depending on the species of solid hardwood that you might buy, when compared to engineered hardwood flooring, the savings can be dramatic. When you combine this with our low everyday pricing, our customers can save a lot of money when they buy from us.

It must also be said that in terms of quality and durability, engineered hardwood flooring actually holds up better than solid wood in many ways. You can install engineered hardwood flooring anywhere in the home or office, even below grade. Moisture is not a problem with engineered flooring, as it is with solid wood flooring. Many times, solid wood cannot be installed where the customer wants it because of moisture issues. Not so with today's modern engineered systems. These systems can be installed over virtually any stable sub-flooring, including concrete. 

While there are many more reasons Baton Rouge homeowners and business owners are turning to engineered wood flooring, the best way to learn more about these remarkable flooring systems is to see them for yourself. Why not visit our showroom and let us show you the engineered hardwood flooring that so many of your friends and neighbors are installing in their homes and businesses today?