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Why should I choose engineered hardwood flooring for my home?

While considering any floor covering, especially engineered hardwood flooring, the question of “why should I” will come up at least once. If you were considering solid wood, you might wonder why engineered if better. On the other hand, you might wonder why another product all together wouldn’t just be a better option. Well, it’s those kinds of questions that need to be answered, and we’re here to help!
Engineered hardwood flooring is still considered a hardwood floor. The best part is that it’s more usable in many of the areas that solid hardwood flooring can never be used. It’s more resistant to severe fluctuations in humidity levels, for one thing, and that makes it a great choice for our geographic location. With the exception of products with Click Lock installation technology, this material can even be glued down right onto concrete slabs. It even has a resale value that rivals that of solid hardwood flooring.
It just makes sense to consider engineered hardwood flooring in your Baton Rouge home. You can choose the species of your choice, which means every room’s decor will be perfectly matched. Choose from a variety of formats, including different lengths, widths, and wear layer thicknesses. In fact, wider planks are perfect for large areas, while smaller planks can make smaller spaces look even better.
If you’re still not sure about engineered hardwood flooring, be sure to come see us. You’ll be able to see this material for yourself and get to know how it looks, feels, and functions, for a more educated decision surrounded by much more peace of mind. When you’re finally ready to buy engineered hardwood flooring, we’ll make sure you leave with the best match for your requirements, so be sure to visit today.
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