engineered hardwood flooring

Why You Should Consider Engineered Hardwood Flooring

The most sought-after look all across the flooring market is still the timeless, classic look of solid hardwood. There are many ways to achieve this, including luxury vinyl planks and laminate. However, engineered hardwood flooring is an excellent choice, and we’re going to share some of the most popular reasons for that.

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Engineered Wood Floors Are So Beneficial

There are many aspects of engineered hardwood flooring that make it appealing to most any homeowner. For one thing, it’s an affordable wood-look option. While the top veneer is real hardwood, it is attached to a composite backing material and topped with a protective wear layer. This means it can be installed in areas where solid hardwood flooring cannot, such as basements and other below grade spaces.

The protective layer keeps the wood safe from harm when it comes to scratches, dents and scuffs, so you won’t be seeing many of them. The thicker the protective layer, of course, the more protection you’ll have, and the more daily wear and tear your floors can take on. It will even stand up well under pet nails and high heels, which are normally a hardwood floor’s worst enemies.

One of the things that makes this floor covering a little more popular than others, is that it can be refinished in much the same way as solid wood flooring. Once the wear and tear does start to take a toll on your floors, instead of looking for new flooring, you can simply have your existing floors refinished. The process works the same way as it does for solid wood. Your professional refinishers will start by sanding off the old, worn out top layer. Next, a new stain of your choice will go on the wood layer. And finally, another protective top coat will be applied, so you’ll have decades more before it needs to be refinished again.

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